Our retail unit at 128 High Street will be open on Thursdays & Fridays; Tuesday to Thursday we will be working from The Solent Stems Studio only. If you wish to pop down to discuss requirements for a funeral, event or wedding please call us on 02394 313977 and then we can ensure we are available and will pop down.

Valentines Day

Welcome to our online shop. Order from our range of beautiful flowers online anytime of the day or night ! or telephone us on 02394 313 977

It must be love, love love - Valentines Bouquet

From £35

Valentines - Love Actually - Hat Box

From £30

Valentines - Tulip Enamel Jug


Valentines - Rose and Tulip Enamel Jug


Eat Pray Love - Valentines Red Rose Bouquet

From £45

Eat Pray Love - Valentines Pink Rose Bouquet

From £45

Eat Pray Love - Valentines White Rose Bouquet

From £45

Believe-you-can.com - Love you to the moon fairy


Valentines - ‘Scent with Love’ envelope


Gift Voucher

From £10

Cadbury Milk Tray 360g


Dairy Box 360g


Sold out

Believe-you-can.com - Love Fairy


Flower - Subscription


Sold out

Letterbox Flowers - FREE UK DELIVERY


Armour Heart Pot

From £9

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