Le Breton - Stylish Hatbox

Local date is Mon 29th Nov 2021, 22:53

Local date is Mon 29th Nov 2021, 22:53

Le Breton - Stylish Hatbox

Le Breton - A stylish hatbox with delicate flowers and seasonal foliage’s is nothing short of impressive as the perfect gift!

The pictures show an example of the design. You can expect to receive one full of blooms in similar colours and textures.

Due to seasonality and availability the exact same flowers cannot be guaranteed.

Flowers - compost bin
Foam - General waste
Hat Box - Remove liner and dispose of in recycling - Made from FSC Certified cardboard.
Plastic liner - Reusable - durable enough to use again and again to line containers
Check what you can recycle in your local area here: Recycling Locator


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