Amaryllis - in Wax

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Local date is Mon 29th Nov 2021, 23:04

Local date is Mon 29th Nov 2021, 23:04

Amaryllis - in Wax

No stock available

It doesn't get any easier than this!

The No-Water Wax Dipped Amaryllis Bulb is the perfect gift for someone who loves flowers but isn't good at taking care of them.

No-Water Wax Amaryllis Bulb is dipped in wax and self-contained – no water or care required! Everything the plant needs for nutrients and moisture is inside the bulb.

This gift is worry-free, ready to grow and bloom.

Plus, the bulb looks pretty even before it blooms.

Place it on any flat surface or place it in a decorative container with moss, greenery, and other seasonal accents for a gorgeous centerpiece.

 Just place them on an indoor surface and they'll bloom in a few weeks.

Each bulb will produce one or two flower stalks with up to four bloom Waxed Amaryllis bulbs will not re-bloom; discard after flowering is finished.

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